Conversations at the intersection of data engineering and business

with Kostas Pardalis & Eric Dodds

Episode 27

March 3, 2021

with Mike Luby

 – Director of Engineering, LeafLink

On this week’s episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas are joined by Mike Luby, director of engineering at LeafLink. LeafLink is a cannabis industries B2B wholesale marketplace where thousands of brands can manage and track their orders and relationships.

Episode 26

February 24, 2021

with Daniel Gremmell

 – Head of Data, Policygenius Inc.

On this week’s episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas are joined by Daniel Gremymell, head of data at Policygenius Inc. Policygenius, an insurance marketplace, strives to make it easy for people to understand their options, compare quotes, and buy a policy all in one place with help from licensed experts.

Episode 24

February 10, 2021

with Duc Haba

 – AI Researcher and Enterprise Mobility Solution Architect Consultant

On this week’s episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric is joined by Duc Haba, an AI researcher and enterprise mobility solution architect consultant who most recently did AI consulting work with Cognizant. Their discussion revolves around demystifying artificial intelligence and why so many people either fear AI or place too much trust in it. Duc talks about some of the AI projects he has worked on, some successes and some failures, and points to how the data biases that humans bring into the models can radically alter the outcome of those endeavors.

Episode 23

February 3, 2021

with Alex Lancaster

 – Data Engineering Manager, Software Engineer, Intuit

On this week’s episode of The Data Stack Show, Kostas and Eric are joined by the risk data engineering manager at Intuit, Alex Lancaster. Alex has been with Intuit, known for its products like QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint and more, for 15 years and was part of a recent massive and successful re-architecturing from on prem to cloud-based.

Episode 22

January 29, 2021

with Eric Dodds and Kostas Pardalis

 – Hosts, The Data Stack Show

Season One of The Data Stack Show is in the books, and in this episode, Kostas and Eric take a look back at some of the biggest takeaways, trends, and topics from the season. With some great guests already set for season two, the next slate of episodes is shaping up to take an even deeper dive into the world of data and the people shaping it.