Live Recording: Building Modern Data Teams

Businesses expect more from data teams today than ever before. But as the data space continues its rapid evolution, it can be difficult to know how to build a high-performing data team. New roles are emerging and old roles are changing. Opinions about data team structures abound, and it’s not always clear how to create an organization that sets the team up for success. While change is a constant, there are things that we know work and plenty of insights to glean from the successful teams out there. So, we’re rounding up a few experts to share their experience with us. They’ll share the lessons they’ve learned from working on and managing data teams with an emphasis on practical advice.

The conversation covered things like:

  • Focusing the data team on business impact
  • How to approach data team structure 
  • How much does tooling matter?
  • Navigating the challenges of team building in a rapidly evolving space


Paige Berry

Data Analyst

Sean Halliburton

Principal Cloud Data Engineer, REI

Srivatsan Sridharan

Head of Data Infrastructure, Robinhood

Kostas Pardalis

Group Product Manager, Starburst Data

Eric Dodds

Growth Leader, Rudderstack