Live Recording: The Future of Machine Learning

Diving into the world of Machine Learning is a natural next step for many companies as they build more mature data functions and seek to answer harder questions. Recent innovations in the space mean ML is no longer just for the largest, most sophisticated companies. As ML becomes more accessible and more companies explore implementation, we’re bringing you some expert insight. Join us for a live recording to learn how ML could impact your business, what getting started might look like, and where things are headed.

The conversation will cover things like:

  • Democratizing ML
  • ML use cases 
  • Challenges of implementing ML 
  • What’s next in ML

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Tristan Zajonc

Cofounder & CEO at Continual

Willem Pienaar

Engineering Manager, Tecton

Kostas Pardalis

Group Product Manager, Starburst Data

Eric Dodds

Growth Leader, Rudderstack