Conversations at the intersection of data engineering and business

with Eric Dodds and John Wessel

Episode 193

June 12, 2024

with Matthew Kelliher-Gibson (The Cynical Data Guy)

 – Technical Product Marketing Manager, Rudderstack

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and John chat with Matthew Kelliher-Gibson, the deemed “cynical data guy,” in a candid discussion about the realities of data work in large organizations. They explore the skepticism surrounding metadata’s value, the myth of a data-driven culture, and the challenges of shifting executive mindsets to trust data over intuition. Additionally, the group delves into the practicality of no-code and low-code solutions for data operations, emphasizing the importance of discipline and understanding the limitations of these tools. The conversation also covers the misuse of tools like Jupyter notebooks in production and the need for clear guidelines to prevent inefficiencies and manage tool usage at an enterprise scale. Don’t miss the battle of the cynical and the agreeable on this week’s episode! 

Episode 192

June 5, 2024

with Binny Gill

 – Founder and CEO, Kognitos

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and John chat with Binny Gill, Founder and CEO of Kognitos. During the episode, Binny shares his journey from programming on a Casio calculator to founding Kognitos. He reflects on the evolution of learning to code, from his own self-taught beginnings to his son’s coding project during the pandemic. Binny discusses the inception of Kognitos, aiming to democratize programming by making it more accessible and intuitive. The conversation touches on the need for a new operating system that simplifies business logic, the role of AI as a problem-solving tool, the importance of human control over AI systems, and more. 

Episode 191

May 29, 2024

with David McCandless

 – Founder, McCandless Consulting

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and John chat with David McCandless, Founder of McCandless Consulting and former data analyst at Amazon. During the episode, David shares his journey from chemical engineering to analytics, leading to his role at Amazon. He also discusses the complexities of time series forecasting for workforce management, emphasizing the importance of explainability and accuracy, especially during the pandemic. The conversation also touches on the practical applications of forecasting in business, the need for clear communication with leaders, and Amazon’s culture of detailed documentation for decision-making. David’s insights offer a deep dive into the real-world challenges of data analytics in corporate settings, and more.