Is Reverse ETL Just Another Data Pipeline? ​

Watch the recording from Eric and Kostas talking with experts from Census, Hightouch, and Workato.

You’ve heard about Reverse ETL, but now you can learn all about the category from the folks who are creating it. Our star-studded panel covered: 

  • Why do we need Reverse ETL?
  • Reverse ETL for B2B vs. B2C
  • Defining “real-time” 
  • Discussing latency requirements for various use cases
  • Batch v. streaming 
  • The future of Reverse ETL

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Kostas Pardalis

Group Product Manager, Starburst Data

Boris Jabes

CEO, Census

Tejas Manohar

Founder, Hightouch

Tridivesh Sarangi

VP of Product-led Growth, Workato

Eric Dodds

Growth Leader, Rudderstack