Episode 119:

The Data Stack Show Wrapped: 2022

December 28, 2022

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas recap an amazing year on the podcast. The pair talks about topics from shows, looking ahead to opportunities in 2023, and more.


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Eric Dodds 00:03
Welcome to The Data Stack Show. Each week we explore the world of data by talking to the people shaping its future. You’ll learn about new data technology and trends and how data teams and processes are run at top companies. The Data Stack Show is brought to you by RudderStack, the CDP for developers. You can learn more at RudderStack.com. Welcome to The Data Stack Show what a year 2022 was. This is our wrap up episode Kostas, we’ve recorded well over 50 episodes, including the live streams, the shop talks in the prequels. When you look back over the year, what sticks out to you, as far as The Data Stack Show goes?

Kostas Pardalis 00:45
Do I have to look back on my life? To be honest, like, Did you realize it’s been like two years, like maybe a little bit more than two years or three years? And we haven’t missed even one week. Like, I don’t think I have been so consistent with any key thing else in my life so far. And I’m quite old. So. I mean, I’m very proud of myself. But yeah, you shouldn’t be. Yeah, I Okay. It really shows up. We have groups. I wouldn’t do it without you. What do you say, Bruce, thank you so much. You make me such a better human being. My wife is much happier. The soul has things in my life no Brooks is actually trying to say that I’m one of the most consistent parts of his life. That’s really what he’s trying to say. you are but okay, like, listen, boats show love with my wife. Okay, like, let’s keep doing that, you know, but we did, we had the 100th episode, which I don’t remember the statistics. But that is very rare for podcasts in general, you know, if we want to pat ourselves on the back, which is pretty crazy. And then the other thing that I loved that we did about what we did was we had a bunch of live streams. So there’s something tested way back, but we did six live streams this year. And we also did a live stream in a couple episodes on non tech topics, like building gated teams, which is great, I love those. And then we introduced shop talk. What do you think about sharp talk? I mean, this is kind of sharp talk, but yeah, that’s true.

Kostas Pardalis 02:29
I mean, I like it. It’s been, okay, we dragged us out, like, by the end of the year, so it’s, yeah, we haven’t done that many of them. But actually, it looks like this, these SOAP dogs. It’s also if you remember, like another county data Council, like we had, like the live recordings there. What I really like about what we are doing with this show is that we experiment a lot. Like we tried to find new formats to make it and okay, it might sound selfish, but it’s true, like, primarily make it like, good for us like to enjoy it and our guests. And okay, the thesis here is that, like we might have to do, that’s also going to be good for the audience, right? Like, he will have fun, like we do like good conversations. And the format is like, creative like this is also going to reflect to the vulnerable, like people who listen to us will get about, which we experienced a lot this past year. And I am looking forward to experimenting even more, if possible, like 23. That’s one of the reasons that I would really ask, like, to the audience or, like, folks, please reach out. Let us know how you feel about the stuff that we’ve done this past year. You substitutions about anything, like if you would like something to change or light if you have a format that you would like to see out there or like people that you would like to see on the show. And, yeah, please do that. Because it’s not just the absence, the people that we invite, right, like it was just sort of that wonderful Bobby’s show is for everyone. So please reach out to us and let us know as well. What do you think?

Eric Dodds 04:23
Yeah, absolutely. Also, you mentioned recording live at the Data Council. We’re doing that again, actually. Last year, we figured out a way to make it happen. But this year, we’re actually partnering with data counsel, and we’re going to have a full, you know, proper setup and everything. So reach out to us if you’d love to join us. If you’d love to chat with us. We’d love to have some listeners join and do live q&a with guests. We think that would be totally awesome. So please reach out to us a dataset show.com And, yeah, again, I’ll reiterate what Kasia said Please, please give us your feedback. We

Kostas Pardalis 04:59
do Love it. Yeah. And we should also try to have some swag there to share. It was all true.

Eric Dodds 05:05
Yes, we do have swag. Yes, perks can make that happen, you know, cost us one thing that you mentioned that, that I think is really an important part of the show for me is it’s a way for me to satisfy my own curiosity. I just feel like it mentally challenges me and I learn so much every week. And in some ways, it doesn’t feel like a podcast. I know that sounds weird. But the conversations are so interesting. It’s almost like I get to hop on a call with really smart people, you know, every week and pick their brain about stuff. And, you know, it sounds weird, but sometimes I forget that we publish all these conversations. Yeah, it really is a treat. Yeah, it’s interesting. And to be honest, like for me, it

Kostas Pardalis 05:55
kind of like how to say that, like, what you’re saying, I think it’s like, probably even more exaggerated in my case, because I’m coming. Okay. I was raised in love, with most of my life, like in, in Europe, in Greece, and podcasts were never like things there. I was there. So I never liked exposing myself to the media. I knew that podcasts existed. But do you like to come to the United States, like I was never aware of like, how, how of, like, you know, like, an important medium is for people. Like, there’s a lot of people out there consuming a lot of content from zoo podcasts, and they’re not really above Ted here, like about everything. Right. And I wasn’t aware of that. And to be honest, like I, I didn’t know, I How to who participated in a podcast? Because I’ve never experienced it, right? Yeah, me neither. Really? For me, it was always Yeah, like, okay, but this is like an interesting person. Let’s ask, you know, like, the questions that I would ask anyway, we were out and and to be honest, like I, the broadcast gives me the freedom to also ask things that, like, if it was like, You mean, like a work context? I would probably not dance. Sure. So that makes it even greater for me. So yeah, like, it’s, I think, for us as hosts. It’s a great shore rule. Like, we don’t lecture authentication every time.

Eric Dodds 07:33
Well, yeah. You know, the only challenge with that, so when we eat dinner at my house, I will ask, did anyone learn anything interesting today, right? Now, just, you know, we have young kids, and, you know, we like to talk about ideas and concepts. And, you know, generally like, we try to enjoy learning as a family. And they used to ask me, my wife and kids used to ask me, Did you learn anything interesting today, you know, when it was my turn? And whenever it’s a podcast, AI always, yes, I learned something really interesting. And they would say, Well, what did you learn about? And I would say things like, well, I learned about how, you know, maybe the future of graph databases is actually, you know, serving is like a really cost efficient upstream data transformation layer, in real time when you’re trying to accomplish blah, blah, blah, you know, and after a couple of times of doubt, they just said, we don’t actually change

Kostas Pardalis 08:32
your history. What do you do? You’re like, marketing cops.

Eric Dodds 08:43
That’s very true. Yeah,

Kostas Pardalis 08:44
I used to not talk a lot.

Eric Dodds08:48
Is it the training ground for Product Marketing?

Kostas Pardalis 08:51
100%. Like, where did you find where you can have like your wife and your kids be like, hey, like the last more tell us more like, we want these?

Eric Dodds 09:01
Yeah, like a fad. And we talked about timely data flow again. Let’s do it. Yeah. Yeah. Like,

Kostas Pardalis 09:06
I don’t know. Like, I, you have a board there. And then we are going I think we should record like an episode with a family and ask them like, how did you do?

Eric Dodds 09:18
It’s awkward for them. Kostas, did you just implement an OKR? For me for The Data Stack Show? Oh, should they look at payroll a little more like I’d rather start cooking? Like I think I draw the line at OKRs. That’s when the fun stops. Lessard. That’s true. That’s true. All right. Well, Brooks is giving us a signal. But before we jump off, what topics do you want to talk about next year in the show? Anything in particular?

Kostas Pardalis 09:50
I think next year is going to be interesting because, you know, there’s like a very powerful force that saves anything that people do and that the market right so I think 2023 is going to be a very interesting year for all the companies out there, I think we will see things happening. And I think it’s going to be a year for us to learn, like how some very unique opportunities are from learning, like to learn, both about technology, but also about resilience, about companies, about growth, and all that stuff that comes with changes in the market. So I am really looking forward to seeing what 2023 will bring to the industry. And no matter what, it’s going to be positive. Like it will be hard, but like, yeah, that’s part of why I think like, they’re really great things come out or You’re so quick. Yeah, I’m very interested to see what’s going to happen next year. And we will be there with the CIO to make sure that we communicate as much as possible from whatever is happening.

Eric Dodds 11:07
Absolutely. All right. Well, this has been 2022 to wrap up for The Data Stack Show. So many exciting things are coming up. Don’t forget about data counsel, we mentioned that before there’s a meet and greet, there will be swag, we will be recording live. And we would love for you and our listeners to reach out so we can include you in some of these episodes for live q&a. And tons more. So subscribe, so you can stay up on all the latest and we will catch you in the new year.

Eric Dodds 11:39
We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Data Stack Show. Be sure to subscribe to your favorite podcast app to get notified about new episodes every week. We’d also love your feedback. You can email me, Eric Dodds, at eric@datastackshow.com. That’s E-R-I-C at datastackshow.com. The show is brought to you by RudderStack, the CDP for developers. Learn how to build a CDP on your data warehouse at RudderStack.com.