The PRQL: Amplitude – From Startup to IPO

February 13, 2023

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Spenser Skates of Amplitude Analytics.


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Eric Dodds 00:04
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel where we replay a snippet from the show we just recorded. Kostas, are you ready to give people a sneak peek?

Kostas Pardalis 00:14
Let’s do it.

Eric Dodds 00:16
Let’s do it. You know, Kostas, I think one of the things that I appreciate most about that episode is there was sort of an underlying sense of humbleness that Spencer brought to the table. Taking you to know, you said, I tried to start multiple companies, they were failures, he starts amplitude, in many ways, sort of a, almost a classic, you know, founder story where, you know, you’re trying to build a company. You end up solving a problem that isn’t directly related to like, what you’re trying to sell what that company that ends up becoming, you know, what you really focus on, they took it to market, over a decade, they went public, and his willingness to explain how small amplitude is in comparison to like Salesforce, and Adobe, I think, speaks a lot to why, or at least in part, why they have been very successful. Because if that’s their attitude, you know, in many ways, you almost hear him talking, it’s like, we haven’t even scratched the surface, right? We have so much more to learn so much more to build. We’re so small compared to the established players. And I just think that’s an attitude that I’m going to take with me and really think about over the next several weeks, because I think that’s rare, right? To see that. And it was really encouraging and I think says a lot about the future of amplitude.

Kostas Pardalis 01:40
Oh, 100% and I would. So what you saw see the excitement to seal class, you know, like, most people that when they think about like their printer, super, like stop thinking company, they think of like a survey where you starts, and hopefully you grow it and at some point you exits, and we were another, we would take the major exit being like going public, and then you’re done. Yeah, you cross the finish lins. And then you talk with this guy, and he’s like, Oh, we’re just starting. Yeah. Like, we have just like scratched the surface in this like, so what’s more that we can do here it likes, so much more like to build that that’s, together with what you said about how humble he is like, something I’d like to definitely keep and think about and reflect on it and see, like how much of these items will have kind of helped me grow right.

Eric Dodds 02:41
So indeed. Well, thank you for joining us on The Data Stack Show. Always a pleasure to talk with brilliant people like Spencer Skates. Many more on the horizon this spring, so definitely stay tuned, subscribe if you haven’t, we’ll notify you of new episodes. Also, we have the live meet and greets data Council Austin and march you definitely don’t want to miss that. Go to Data sec to sign up and register and you can meet Costas and I in person, and we’ll do some live recordings. Until then we will catch you on the next one.