The PRQL: From Programming Tic Tac Toe to Building an Operating System for Natural Language Programs With Binny Gill of Kognitos

June 3, 2024

In this bonus episode, Eric and John preview their upcoming conversation with Binny Gill of Kognitos.


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Eric Dodds 00:05
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel. This is a short bonus episode where we preview the upcoming show. You’ll get to meet our guests and hear about the topics we’re going to cover. If they’re interesting to you, you can catch the full length show when it drops on Wednesday. Welcome to The Data Stack Show. We’re here with Binny Gill of Kognitos. Binny, thank you so much for joining us on the show today,

Binny Gill 00:30
Eric, thanks for having me in the show.

Eric Dodds 00:34
Alright. Well give us tons of dive into but give us just a brief background. Where do you come from? And just a little bit about Kognitos?

Binny Gill 00:41
Yeah, so I’m a software engineer by profession. I’ve been writing code for 30 years. I started cognitive us about four years ago. And prior to that I was CTO at a company called Nutanix. for about eight years grew from zero to an IPO and beyond great experience there learned a lot. My experience prior to that is an IBM Research, mostly in the storage background, bringing cash technologies, to the enterprise masters. And from you i UC and bachelors in IIT Kanpur computer science grew up in India. Right.

John Wessel 01:18
So Benny, one of the topics I’m excited about talking about is the history of computer science, how that’s evolved, and then this AI inflection point that we’re at now, and how things are changing. And then some really unique ways that your company’s trying to solve those problems. Yeah,

Binny Gill 01:34
that’s a topic very close to my heart. When I was a teenager, I was programming and I had a handheld Casio graphing calculator, which happened to also support basic programming. And I had a large total of four kilobytes of memory where I used to fill in my basic programs, and I had to be really, really careful about how much code I’m writing. One of the first cool programs I ever wrote was Tic Tac Toe game. And it was easy. It was like lines and X’s and O’s. So it was doable. And I showed it off to my friends. And they were like, What is this said, Oh, this is a computer. And but this is not an equation. You know, this is basic language. Those were the days there was no internet. There was no YouTube, I just had a manual. And I love the power of making a machine operate in a way that was custom to what I wanted. That was the power that got me hooked. Until they you know, that’s what keeps me happy with what I’m doing.

John Wessel 02:37
Yeah, that’s exciting. are excited to dive into that. All right, well, let’s dig in.

Eric Dodds 02:43
Alright, right. That’s a wrap for the prequel. The full length episode will drop Wednesday morning. Subscribe now so you don’t miss it.