The PRQL: How Can Reverse ETL Revolutionize Marketing Data Management? Featuring Chris Sell of GrowthLoop

August 14, 2023

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Chris Sell of GrowthLoop.


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Eric Dodds 00:05
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel where we replay a snippet from the show we just recorded. Kostas, are you ready to give people a sneak peek? Is? Let’s do it. Fascinating conversation with Chris Sell from GrowthLoop. And I keep wanting to call them reverse ETL. But they don’t call themselves that. They’re sort of a marketing activation tool, which I love, by the way, which we talked about a ton on the show. I think one of my big takeaways from the show that was really interesting, was, we kind of had a three way conversation about whether or not the big data cloud vendors will get into the ETL space for sort of the reverse ETL space, right, like, are they, you know, once they sort of start to plateau on growth, they’re gonna start looking at other market opportunities. That was a fascinating conversation. Chris had some interesting thoughts. You had some interesting thoughts. So I loved that one. And I think listeners will love it as well.

Kostas Pardalis 01:18
Yeah. 100%, I think, as we said, and without like, revealing too much, or like, what the discussion was, the next couple of months are going to be very interesting. And I think we are going to see like, movement in the market. So I think like, our audience, like, definitely has like to pay attention to that part of the conversation. And the other part of the conversation that I think was fascinating was when we started like talking about AI. And why AI is, doesn’t look like it’s going to be hype, just the hype, like there is like a lot of like substance there. And most importantly, like, I’ve lived, like some very interesting things, like from Greece about how AI is changing marketing, which is very fascinating. Yes. Again, it’s one of these things where like, you can see like, exactly, like the impact that the new technology has in something like pretty much everyone can understand, right? Like everyone can understand like the marketing funnel. Okay, moving into complexity, but it’s much easier like to communicate that compared like to, like vector databases, blah, blah, blah, like all that stuff we usually talk about so. It’s an amazing conversation, about like, the real impact that AI has both the industry to the market and industry and also how that is going to affect the data industry.

Eric Dodds 02:56
100% Also, a really good show for anyone interested in a lot of good thinking around the interaction of data teams and marketing teams. And then also the interfaces that need to exist for both if you’re building on on the warehouse or data cloud. So great episode. Definitely take a listen. Tell a friend about it. Subscribe if you haven’t, and we will catch you on the next one.