The PRQL: Kostas Becomes a Prophet

September 16, 2022

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Astasia Myers of Quiet Capital.


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Eric Dodds 00:00
Hello welcome to the data SEC show prequel, you may notice that my voice is raspy and sultry. And that’s because our producer had us record four shows this week. But we are going to keep on going because we’re committed to delivering you the best content in the podcast world as it relates to data. Kostas, we just recorded an episode with an investor. Two major milestones. It was our first investor interview on the podcast ver. And then you also issued the first official prophecy from The Data Stack Show right at the end of the show. And so, that was two huge steps for us on The Data Stack Show. How did it feel to sort of become a prophet officially?

Kostas Pardalis 00:53
I love it. I mean, I was with my duty my whole life to become like the Messiah of data or something. I don’t know, like, it’s time for me like to start a religion or something. I don’t know. The next step in my career, like, let’s just keep it like, you know, interesting part of that series, like, like, you liberated me today. Thank you. Anyway, jokes aside, it was an amazing conversation that we had, like, it’s, I think we need to bring like more investors on the show like to discuss with them, they have like a very unique like perspective, on like, the things that are happening out there, and like very interesting ideas, and different way of thinking, which I think is important to share these, like with our audience out there. So that’s something for our producer, like to go and figure out how to bring more investors. I had, as I said, I love the conversation. And we had like the opportunity to talk a lot about the modern data stack. What is it how it has evolved? Because it has been around for a while, right? Like we talked about consolidation. We talked about m&a. And there was some great advisor around that. And then

Eric Dodds 02:15
the m&a conversation was awesome. That was really helpful.

Kostas Pardalis 02:19
Yeah, yeah. So and obviously like we talked about what’s next, which of course, it’s like probably invested on like some of the best people like to hear about that. So I want to share more because I want like our audience like to go and listen to the episode but I would encourage everyone like to do it is like we have like a very fun conversation with like very unique advice and insights on what’s going on in the in the market toddler.

Eric Dodds 02:51
I agree. It’s a really good one and you should definitely tune in. Subscribe if you haven’t and we will have more data prophecies coming your way.