The PRQL: Marketing, Martech, and Data with Scott Brinker of HubSpot

June 12, 2023

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Scott Brinker of HubSpot.


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Eric Dodds 00:05
Welcome to The Data Stack Show PRQL where we replay a snippet from the show we just recorded, Kostas, are you ready to give people a sneak peek? Let’s do it. Kostas, fascinating conversation with Scott, as I said, personal honor for me, because he was the one who sort of originally got me thinking about The Data Stack Show, of course, from marketing angle. One of the interesting things that I really appreciated about this conversation was the discussion around local optimizations. You know, that’s sort of something that you if you work on a data team, you know, and I actually, you know, in my current job, have the, you know, I sort of have one leg, I work on the team that, you know, manage the data stack. And then I also work on the marketing team. And so I get to see both sides, but it’s really easy to see like, how you can have a limited view on a data team of like, what a marketer is trying to do downstream, and how for them, data can be such a rate limiter. And many times it’s, it can even be difficult for them to know that. Right, they just experienced like more and more difficulty in trying to do something in their job. And so, you know, a theme that we’ve had on the show a ton that Scott got back to, especially in thinking about that relationship between sort of like technical teams, and downstream teams, like marketing is empathy. And then we also have this really interesting conversation about like, are those two things actually just just merging together? And what does the future of that look like? Which was really interesting to hear his perspective on? You sort of team structure that’s flowing from deeper integration in the technology stack? So yeah, I thought it was a really helpful conversation about you.

Kostas Pardalis 02:00
Oh, yeah, it was, first of all, okay. It was great to hear from you, Mike. How, like, these Martech landscape looks like. Like, if you have seen like, all these maps out there. He’s the right person like to narrate the map. Right? So it was great. Like that’s, I mean, I understand. Now I understand, like, much better was like modification rights. I found like, very fascinating, this whole conversation around like the evolution of like the relationship between marketing and technology. Right. Now we have marketing ops people and reveled in like, how does this like change? Like, the behaviors we’ve had? So far, but like the technical, let’s say, skills of like the marketing aims hard, right. And finally, like, one of the things that I found, like, probably the most fascinating one is like, in the landscape and the mark like industry of like 10,000, vendors, something like that. Fichman, like, crazy number. How she convinced me that probably today there’s like, is the time for advant to go and disrupt these industries. So I think, I don’t know. I feel like I build a lot and a lot of inspiration, together with a lot of like, knowledge, when it comes to like to marketing technology from humans. That was amazing.

Eric Dodds 03:33
I totally agree. And he gave some great examples of ways that people are innovating, like the platform you talked about that allows a sales process to be sort of transparent between the buyer and the sale, you know, some interesting things like that, that are approaching problems in new ways. So definitely a great episode. Thanks for listening. Subscribe if you haven’t, we’ll catch you on the next one.