The PRQL: Navigating the World of Data Overload with Travis Henry and Hillary Carpio of Snowflake

November 13, 2023

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Travis Henry and Hillary Carpio of Snowflake.


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Eric Dodds 00:05
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel. This is a short bonus episode where we preview the upcoming show, you’ll get to hear about the topics we’re going to cover. If they’re interesting to you, you can catch the full length show when it drops on Wednesday. Welcome back to The Data Stack Show, Kostas, today we have a treat. And that’s it, we’re going to talk with some very data driven people who are not data practitioners or data professionals in their day job. So we’re going to talk with Hilary and Travis, who work at Snowflake on the go to market side, Hilary runs their Account Based Marketing function, which I can’t wait to dig into. And then Travis runs their sales development representative function. And after we had Brendan on the show, who talked through who talked with us about sort of being a data consumer, we thought, man, we need to get more people on the show. And Brendan introduced us to Travis and Hillary, and their amazing, amazing relationship with their data team. Pretty amazing how they developed that relationship. So definitely something for anyone, either on the go to market side or the data side, definitely, a must listen. And I think the things that I’m most interested to dig into, are to hear about their views on data. So you know, if you’re going to run an Account Based Marketing Campaign, or you have a sales development representative, you know, trying to understand all these data points about an account, you know, on the data side, we send data to those teams often, and then they consume it, but we don’t really get to see their consumption of that data. And so I think, being able to sort of go over the wall and get more insight into the specific practical things there would be really great. So that’s what I want to dig into. How about you?

Kostas Pardalis 02:06
Yeah, 100% I think we have like a very unique opportunity here to hear like, from practitioners, how actually like data drives value for them. And do that in organizations that does it like at scale. And not only that, but we are talking about like, an organization that sort of like a vendor like fish solution that is used for that kind of problems, right? So there’s, I’m like, I think very unique perspectives here. Like both in terms of the scale, like how innovative like the they are, like in terms of their marketing or like sales, but also, how they in a way they use what they evangelize out there to sell the product, but they do like internally, right? So yes, I think like a very, like unique perspective, and very unique. Like, I’ll say that, like, I have a very unique opportunity to learn things that like, if we had someone who was only vendor or someone who was only a user, I wouldn’t be able like to do that. So yeah, I think it’s going to be a very interesting conversation. And we’ll try to do like a couple of different things with them. Like, obviously, like tried to learn about how the data is used, and why do like a little bit of data modeling, maybe, like see how you represent all these information that marketing and sales need for their, for the day to day job and learn a lot about like the people actually, which is also like important, because it’s not just the people we’ll be talking about waste. He also like, all these the hours are like the marketing people have to execute, right? And they have like to use information or like to do their job like effectively, and see how like this can happen, like at scale and correctly. So yeah, I think it’s going to be like a very interesting conversation.

Eric Dodds 04:11
Let’s do it. Every data engineering analysts dream is live data modeling, with a business. Let’s dig in and do it. Yeah,

Kostas Pardalis 04:22
let’s do it would be fun. All right.

Eric Dodds 04:25
That’s a wrap for the prequel. The full length episode will drop Wednesday morning. Subscribe now so you don’t miss it.