The PRQL: Practical Applications for Time Series Forecasting with David McCandless of McCandless Consulting

May 28, 2024

In this bonus conversation, Eric and John preview their upcoming conversation with David McCandless of McCandless Consulting.


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Eric Dodds 00:05
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel. This is a short bonus episode where we preview the upcoming show. You’ll get to meet our guests and hear about the topics we’re going to cover. If they’re interesting to you, you can catch the full length show when drops on Wednesday. We’re here on the show with David McCandless, David, welcome to The Data Stack Show.

David McCandless 00:27
Thanks so much, Eric. All right, well, so much to talk about. And I love your story of going from sort of the biggest of the big to small, we’ll unpack what that means throughout the course of the show. But give us a little bit of your background, how’d you get into data? And then what do you do today? Yeah, yeah. So I studied chemical engineering at Georgia Tech, and started my career in oil and gas. And then basically, got married needed to change jobs when the oil market was down. So I kind of had to reinvent myself. And I ended up in this budding field called analytics, the thought that I would suit me really well started a master’s degree online at Georgia Tech is actually in beta cohort, GT OMSA. and graduated in May 2020. So kind of 2017 started different analytics positions, first analyst and manager. And then my last full time position for a corporation was Amazon, from 2020 to 2022. First year, they’re forecasting second year, kind of the data engineering role. And towards the end of my time at Amazon, sort of working for myself, and really enjoyed that. And then, toward the very end of my employment with Amazon, they offered a voluntary severance package. And I saw that as a way to make my side hustle my full time job. So that’s what I’ve been doing since early 2023.

John Wessel 02:02
Nice. David, one of the topics I’d really like to talk more about as time series forecasting. I think we were talking before the show. That’s an area that gets ignored. And it has so many practical, you know, practical applications for business. So I’m excited to jump into that topic. Is there anything you want to discuss?

David McCandless 02:21
Yeah, I, I’d be happy to jump into the topic of time series forecasting.

John Wessel 02:26
All right. Let’s dig in.

Eric Dodds 02:27
Let’s do it. All right. That’s a wrap for the prequel. The full length episode will drop Wednesday morning. Subscribe now so you don’t miss it.