The PRQL: The Value of Data Contracts with Chad Sanderson, Head of Data, Data Contracts Advocate, Data Quality Camp

March 27, 2023

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Chad Sanderson of Data Quality Camp.


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Eric Dodds 00:04
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel where we replay a snippet from the show we just recorded. Kostas, are you ready to give people a sneak peek? Is? Let’s do it. Alright Koasta, fascinating conversation with Chad Sanderson, who runs data quality camp, which is a community, he produces a ton of content. And, you know, we covered so many topics, I think one of the things that he kept returning to over and over again, that I think was incredibly helpful, and just a really good, there’s so much practical stuff for people to, to get from the show. I felt like I could walk away from the show and have practical things that I could start doing tomorrow to make data quality better. And I think that was really refreshing, because the conversation around data quality can feel really big, right? It’s a huge problem. How do you fix it? We have so much tech debt, what tools do I use? Where do you solve the problem in the pipeline? You know, do you try to do things proactively with schema management? Do you try to do, you know, sort of passive detection, I mean, there’s so many things, and I walked away, especially at the end there, by even having a couple of practical things in my line of like, I should probably go do this tomorrow to make our data quality better. You know, there are small things that I can do. And so I think both for, you know, the, like, listeners who are data leaders, but also the ones who are doing the work on the ground every day, just a hugely practical, helpful episode, in terms of what can you do tomorrow, to start improving data quality, we also talked about philosophy, which is always fun.

Kostas Pardalis 01:57
Absolutely. Well, that will keep like, from the conversation that we had with Southern light find I found like, very, like refreshing and interesting is that he’s giving like a definition of what data quality is, from the perspective of, let’s say, the agents that are involved in the process of working with data, and not trying to give like, an objective definition of Oh, you have like this metric, and that metric. And like something that’s, you know, automatically, like a machine Camrys on a box, right. And I think like, that’s like, the most important thing here. But at the end, no matter what data is, like, information, we have to agree on how we use it. And thus, like I think, like the big change that Chad brings with his ideas. And the most interesting thing is that he’s not keeping the abstract. It’s not like sounds like an abstract thing. But like an organization, it’s like, you know, to go and like, hire hundreds of consultants like to coach you on how to do it’s, he tells you that like you can do today, like the tooling is out there. And he positions technology, that very interesting way on what’s the role of the technology like making this happen? So I don’t know I think I should encourage you to relax to listen and relation these episodes, because I think there’s like a lot of wisdom in the things of like we discussed, both of them from like technology like and how it can be used, but also the importance of like people in the organization implementing processes around data.

I agree. Well, thank you again for joining The Data Stack Show. We will catch you on the next one.