The PRQL: What Can We Learn From the Patterns of Successful Data Teams?

September 30, 2022

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming panel discussion around the topic of building data teams.


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Eric Dodds 00:00
Hey welcome to The Data Stack Show ryquell. We just recorded a dataset show live stream. And this one was super fun Costas. And the main reason is I don’t think we talked about technology at all. On the episode, we actually talked about data teams, with some pretty incredible people. Here’s the rundown. We had Sean, who has built data teams at Nordstroms, CNN, and now at REI. Hey, who’s Belton, then on data teams at New Relic and Netlify. We actually have had all these people on the show. And then Sri, who was at Yelp, and then Robin Hood. So really just an incredible group of people. God says, What was your big takeaway, we had such a good conversation, but any big takeaways on building data

Kostas Pardalis 00:58
teams? I mean, a couple of them, like one of the things that was like very inspiring was to hear like, the background of all these people and how they got into data. So I think that’s, like a very interesting part of the conversation that we had. That was great. And which I think it’s like, that their stories are like, so you made, I think, like applicable in general, like with people that are getting into, like, working with data, right. And so I think it’s worth for everyone like to hear their stories. The other thing is that, I mean, there are like patterns out there around data themes and how they emerge and how they operate. And what are the different roles related. But we are still in the process of like figuring that out. Like, I don’t think that it has been well articulated. In the industry out there. Yeah. And there’s a lot of noise. And I look to learn. And I think by asking people like our panelists, we can learn a lot like the information is there, we just need to make it more explicit. So that’s why I’m like, super happy about you had this conversation

Eric Dodds 02:10
with them. Yeah, absolutely. I think one of the things that also stuck out to me was that because of the different experiences that each of them have had throughout their career, we had perspectives from almost every stage and type of company that you can think out through the lifecycle. Right. So you know, early stage startups, late stage startups, you know, direct to consumer businesses, b2b businesses, Sean has worked at companies that have been around for, you know, 5075 years, you know, who have just a ton of legacy history. So getting those different perspectives is also incredibly helpful. So you definitely need to check out this livestream. It was an awesome panel, and we’ll catch you on the next one.