The PRQL: What is a Data Scientist? Featuring Katie Bauer of GlossGenius

December 26, 2023

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Katie Bauer of GlossGenius.


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Eric Dodds 00:04
Welcome to The Data Stack Show prequel. This is a short bonus episode where we preview the upcoming show. You’ll get to meet our guests and hear about the topics we’re going to cover. If they’re interesting to you, you can catch the full length show when it drops on Wednesday. We’re here with Katie Bower from gloss genius, Katie, welcome to the show.

Katie Bauer 00:25
Thanks for having me. Excited to be here.

Eric Dodds 00:27
All right, you’ve had an amazing career and data give us the quick overview.

Katie Bauer 00:33
Yeah, I got into data science in the early 2010s spent time in a bunch of different places working at our natural language search, startup and social media. And now I am leading the data team at a vertical SaaS startup in the beauty and Swan space.

Eric Dodds 00:46
Awesome. Well, so excited to chat with you, Kostas. What topics do you want to dig into?

Kostas Pardalis 00:54
Oh, we have plenty to talk about. First of all, my favorite topic, which always about definitions, right. So I’d love to hear what data scientists Rowleys. Like, what’s the definition behind that. And more importantly, like how it has changed. Like, we have Katie here today that has experienced a lot like the evolution of the role. So I’d love like to hear from her how like things have changed. And also talk a little bit more about how the role is different, like in different companies, different sizes, different products, right? And how, also, like the data scientist overlaps with not, we’ll see, Katie will tell us with other roles that has to do with have to do with, with data. So it will be like, super educational for me at least. But I have a feeling but it’s also going to be like for our audience. What about you, Katie? Is there something in your mind that you would like, love to chat about today?

Katie Bauer 02:01
Yeah, that’s something I think would be sort of an interesting connection to what you’re talking about is what kind of problems occur across all these different types of companies? Like what is something I’ve had to do at multiple jobs? Or what types of problems appear in more than one context?

Kostas Pardalis 02:15
Yeah, let’s go and do it. What do you think?

Eric Dodds 02:18
Well, let’s dig in. Alright, that’s a wrap for the prequel. The full length episode will drop Wednesday morning. Subscribe now so you don’t miss it.