What Comes to Mind When You Think of ‘Headless’?

October 14, 2022

In this bonus episode, Eric and Kostas preview their upcoming conversation with Artyom Keydunov & Pavel Tiunov of CubeJS.


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Eric Dodds 00:05
Welcome to The Data Stack Show Creek. Well, we just talked from the fascinating folks at cube who are building headless BI, which is absolutely fascinating. Costas may give away too much of what topic that you and I discussed in the intro of the show, but what comes to mind when you think of the term headless in Boston Tim Burton.

Eric Dodds 00:35
I’m actually proud of you for not thinking of technology. Right off the bat. That’s a really good thing. I think that’s that shows healthy balance in your mind.

Kostas Pardalis 00:46
Yeah, I don’t know there’s a hell of a secret like comes to mind when when I feel that certain like said listless should was chicken you know, that thermal lightly Bronco outweighed? He said he was kidding.

Eric Dodds 01:01
Yeah, that makes me think of my kids.

Kostas Pardalis 01:03
I mean, that’s not valid, why and tell them to work together with someone with a native speaker. Sir, what I’m like all these things like So personally, I like to bring my brother. I have to serve everyone. Okay,

Eric Dodds 01:18
so in terms of technology, what do you think of when you hear the term Atlas?

Kostas Pardalis 01:26
It certainly has to do with visualizers. That’s what we consider the light green light lights, like it’s like if you think about life, one of the first things when stateless was browsers. We had like two years, let’s say, the browser without the render parts to do automation. It’s something similar was also happening with big Right. Like we when we say it was big. Okay. Big but without visualization part. So that’s the most I think, calm one years over. Yeah, remove the visualization.

Eric Dodds 02:05
Yeah, I think about headless CMS. But of course, I’m from a marketing background, right. So that sort of like solved a bunch of problems.

Kostas Pardalis 02:11
But didn’t say the same thing. Right, and set out same

Eric Dodds 02:16
thing, which actually was a really good, I think that was one of my favorite parts of the discussion was that we actually talked about headless and sort of broke it down, right? Because in some ways, I think it’s certainly no marketing term. But it really is like when you sort of apply it, especially to things like the AI, it is really interesting, conceptually, sort of like the data flow. And like, the architecture of it itself is pretty interesting, which I thought was a good part of the conversation was stuck out to you, because you got pretty deep into the technical

Kostas Pardalis 02:51
weeds. There were a couple of different things. I mean, first of all, it’s not something technical, but I think it was like, very interesting, when we discussed with them on both the journey, how they founded a company and like what they were doing prior students. I think that’s like a very interesting box. And I think everyone should listen to rocks. It’s really interesting. I mean, from a technical perspective, like running with noodles really resonated to me. And it’s about the casinoeuro thing mentioned at some point, which is really interesting one he considered like serverless warehouses, or CloudWatch, warehousing data warehouses like BigQuery, and Snowflake and how their challenges how they operate. But anyway, that’s something that we didn’t manage, like, talking like, I love to talk more about that. So it’s a whole lot when we have embarked on the same like we will have people changing spells. Good luck with like, how we add value to the operations around our house, or datalake.

Eric Dodds 04:04
Absolutely. Well, it was a great episode. Unfortunately, we didn’t dig deeply into Tim Burton. But we hopefully got a laugh out of you in this prequel. And we’ll get another one in the intro. And we thank you again, as always, for listening to The Data Stack Show. If you’re interested in VI and new developments in headless vi definitely check out this episode. Super interesting, and we’ll catch you on the next one.