February Roundup

Dear readers, our February playlist included interesting episodes with Intuit, Tecton, Policygenius Inc., and an interesting chat with Duc Huba, an AI researcher and enterprise

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January Roundup

Dear readers, we are back with highlights from recent episodes. Our January playlist included interesting episodes with Immuta, Homesnap, and, Iteratively where Eric and Kostas discussed the following topics:

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December Roundup

Happy New Year! We are back with highlights from our December playlist which included a follow-up episode with Earnnest and interesting talks with data leads from Netflix and Bind. Our

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November Roundup

RudderStack Head of Customer Success, Eric Dodds, and Head of Product, Kostas Pardalis are excited about the launch of The Data Stack Show. It’s their

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Each week we’ll talk to data engineers, analysts, and data scientists about their experience around building and maintaining data infrastructure, delivering data and data products, and driving better outcomes across their businesses with data.

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