November 2020

RudderStack Head of Customer Success, Eric Dodds, and Head of Product, Kostas Pardalis are excited about the launch of The Data Stack Show. It’s their chance to interview guests from all types of companies and explore the various challenges they face related to data and data tooling. Further, Kostas and Eric learn about their guests’ personal stories and lessons they’ve collected on their journeys.

Starting this month, we’ll be publishing a roundup of highlights from the podcast. The roundup will include interesting bits from the most recent episodes.

Our November playlist included discussions with Kong Inc., Earnnest, and Pool. Eric and Kostas discussed topics like:

  • Building open-source projects at scale,
  • Digitizing payments in the real-estate sector
  • A startup founder’s journey from meeting Paul Graham to getting accepted into YCombinator.

Here are highlights from those conversations:

Building Open Source Projects and Products at Scale with Kong Inc.

This talk with Reza Shafii, Vice President of Product at Kong, Inc., tells us about the insights that led to the foundation of Kong. The episode discusses the concept of middleware and how it has changed over the years as the software has eaten the world.

Most interestingly, though, Reza explained Kong’s journey in the open source world and how they exist as a company, open source project and brand. He also explores the difference between the open source projects and products, a distinction he learned at RedHat.

Lastly, Reza talks about their upcoming product, Kong Konnect.

Understanding Electronic Money Transfers and Modernizing Real Estate Transactions with Earnnest

This conversation with Daniel Jeffords, CTO and co-founder of Earnnest, is a fascinating look into the ways that money moves in the US financial system. This, especially when compared with Kostas’ experience with the financial systems in Europe.

Daniel also explains the details of real estate transactions, the pros, and cons of different payment solutions like wire transfers, checks, and ACH. One of the most interesting topics is Daniel’s explanation of how Earnnest is modernizing and speeding up financial processes that haven’t changed in decades. He also discusses the challenges that come with changing people’s behaviors.

The best way to change behavior is to not change behavior at all, but be where you’re expected to be

– Daniel Jeffords

Early Stage Analytics and learning from the YCombinator experience with Axel Delafosse from Pool

Alex Defosse has a fascinating story. Not only did he have a life-changing interaction with Paul Graham, but he took a company through YCombinator and experienced the extreme highs and lows of running a tech startup at a very early age.

In this conversation, Axel shares incredible wisdom on multiple subjects. He talks about co-founder relationships and their importance. Also, he shares insights on the balance between quantitative and qualitative data for analytics at early-stage product companies. Eric and Kostas also learn about his latest venture, Pool, which he calls “the ultimate antidote to decision paralysis.”

“I use the data to measure it and monitor it and find the users I need to talk to. And that would be my advice, just try to understand who you should talk with, depending on what they did in your product.”

– Axel Delafosse

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The Data Stack Show connected with some inspiring individuals this month with interesting conversations. Topics included how you can build open-source projects at scale and modernize payments in real estate. Furthermore, they discussed how important it is to understand your analytics at an early stage.

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