March 2021

The Data Stack Show - March 2021

March was an exciting month with inspiring guests talking about the current state of data and predicting how exciting the future of data will be. We had amazing guests, each with their unique stories – LeafLink, Avo, Ternary Data, Big Time Data, and The Atlantic! Eric and Kostas discussed: How B2B marketplaces help brands manage […]

February 2021

The February playlist includes interesting episodes with Intuit, Tecton, Policygenius Inc., and an interesting chat with Duc Huba, an AI researcher and enterprise mobility solution architect consultant. Eric Dodds, our Head of Customer Success, and Kostas Pardalis, Head of Product at RudderStack, discussed the following topics: Migrating from on-premises to Cloud Demystifying AI MLOps and […]

January 2021

January 2021 Podcast Roundup

Our January playlist included interesting episodes with Immuta, Homesnap, and, Iteratively where Eric and Kostas discussed the following topics: Enabling fast, efficient, and understandable data governance Transforming real estate data with predictive analytics Trusting your data and technology to speed up your organizational workflows Check out exciting highlights from each episode below, and subscribe to […]

December 2020

The Data Stack Show - December 2020 Podcast Roundup

Happy New Year! Our December playlist included a follow-up episode with Earnnest and interesting talks with data leads from Netflix and Bind. Our duo discussed the following topics this month: Adopting an event sourcing pattern for real estate transactions Working with large scale uncompressed data at Netflix Bringing transparency to costs in health insurance Check […]

November 2020

The Data Stack Show - November 2020 Podcast Roundup

RudderStack Head of Customer Success, Eric Dodds, and Head of Product, Kostas Pardalis are excited about the launch of The Data Stack Show. It’s their chance to interview guests from all types of companies and explore the various challenges they face related to data and data tooling. Further, Kostas and Eric learn about their guests’ […]