The Future of Streaming Data

Some of the best technical conversations we’ve had on the show revolved around streaming data. So, we’re inviting these streaming experts back to form a streaming brain trust. Tune in to learn more about how teams are using streaming data today and what innovations are on the horizon. Best of all, you can join us live to ask your burning streaming data questions in real-time.

The conversation will cover things like:

  • Streaming as a superset of batch
  • What is real-time?
  • Change data capture
  • What’s next for streaming data?

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Kostas Pardalis

Group Product Manager, Starburst Data

Jeff Chao

Staff Engineer, Data Infrastructure, Stripe

Pete Goddard

Founding Partner & CEO, Deephaven Data Labs

Arjun Narayan

Co-Founder & CEO, Materialize

Ashley Jeffs

Creator & Maintainer of Benthos

Eric Dodds

Growth Leader, Rudderstack