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Episode 163

November 8, 2023

with David Yaffe and Johnny Graettinger

 – Co-Founders of Estuary

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat with David Yaffe and Johnny Graettinger, Co-Founders of Estuary, a company building the next generation of real-time data integration solutions. During the episode, David and Johnny discuss streaming technology, the challenges of real-time streaming, the importance of low latency and high-scale data processing in the ad tech industry. They delve into the reasons behind building Estuary, its unique approach to decoupling storage and computing, and its focus on real-time updates and scalability. They also touch on the complexities of state management in streaming applications, data mesh, the impact of streaming on data processing and orchestration, and more.

Episode 162

November 1, 2023

with Mark Huang

 – Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Gradient

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric chats with Mark Huang, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Gradient, a platform that helps companies build custom AI applications by making it easy to fine tune foundational models and deploy them into production. During the episode, Mark discusses the role of Gradient in simplifying the usage and adoption of LLMs by packaging open-source models into a service. Mark highlights the importance of collaboration and data sharing among enterprises for model development, the impact of LLMs on enterprises, the challenges of operationalizing LLMs, the future of AI and its potential, and more.

Episode 161

October 25, 2023

with Chang She

 – Co-Founder and CEO, LanceDB

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat with Chang She, the CEO and Co-Founder of Eto Labs. During the episode, Chang discusses LanceDB, the history and success of Pandas, as well as the challenges of working with new technologies in the data industry. Chang shares his journey and the challenges faced in open sourcing Pandas, the need for new data infrastructure optimized for AI and ML, the future of AI and other data avenues, and more.