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Episode 16

December 3, 2020

with Andrew Elster

 – Co-founder, CIO, and Chief Architect, Earnnest

On this week’s episode of The Data Stack Show, Kostas and Eric finish part two of a conversation about Earnnest, a digital platform originally designed for facilitating real estate transactions. In the previous episode, they talked with the CTO and co-founder Daniel Jeffords, and in this week’s episode, they talked with the other co-founder, Andrew Elster, CIO and chief architect. Andrew describes more about Earnnest’s stack and their decision to utilize Elixir and talks about their vision for scaling up their product.

Episode 15

November 19, 2020

with Axel Delafosse

 – Founder and CEO, Pool

This week on The Data Stack Show, Kostas and Eric are joined by Axel Delafosse, founder and CEO of Pool, a messaging app designed to help couples spend less time deciding what to do and spend more time together. Axel shares his story of how he went from having his idea being shot down in person by Paul Graham to being accepted for Y Combinator. While Pool is still a young startup, Axel offers wise insight from lessons he’s learned along the way.

Episode 14

November 11, 2020

with Daniel Jeffords

 – CTO and Co-founder, Earnnest

This week on The Data Stack Show, Kostas and Eric chat with Daniel Jeffords, CTO and co-founder of Earnnest, a financial tool for the real estate industry. Earnnest’s digital platform allows buyers to securely and electronically deposit funds directly to an escrow holder and keeps agents, buyers, and escrow holders in the loop with automated emails and tracking information.

Episode 13

November 6, 2020

with Reza Shafii

 – Vice President of Products, Kong Inc.

This week on The Data Stack Show, Reza Shafii, vice president of products at Kong Inc. discusses open-source projects and products with Kostas and Eric. Kong is a cloud connectivity company best known for being the creator and primary supporter of Kong, the most widely adopted open-source microservice API gateway.

Episode 12

October 28, 2020

with Nicholas Ziech-Lopez

 – Director of Product Strategy, MessageGears

In this episode of The Data Stack Show, hosts Kostas Pardalis and Eric Dodds talk with Nicholas Ziech-Lopez, director of product strategy at MessageGears. MessageGears is designed to reduce data friction for marketers by connecting directly to a brand’s data source and using their live data. This episode centered around the world of CDPs and where MessageGears fits in that space.

Episode 11

October 21, 2020

with Jack Naglieri

 – Founder and CEO, Panther Labs

This week’s episode of The Data Stack Show features a conversation with hosts Kostas Pardalis and Eric Dodds and guest Jack Naglieri, founder and CEO of Panther Labs. Panther, a San Francisco-based startup, is an open platform that helps security teams detect and respond to breaches in cloud-native environments, providing a modern alternative to traditional SIEMs.