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Episode 3

August 27, 2020

with Satyam Krishna

 – Data Engineer, Grofers

In this week’s episode of The Data Stack Show, Kostas Pardalis connects with Satyam Krishna, a data engineer at Grofers, India’s largest low-price online supermarket. Grofers boasts a network of more than 5,000 partner stores, a user base with three million iOS and Android app downloads, and an efficient supply chain that allow it to deliver more than 25 million products to customers every month.

Episode 2

August 19, 2020

with Utkarsh Gupta

 – Senior Engineer of Data Science, 1mg

In this episode, Kostas Pardalis sits down with Utkarsh Gupta, senior engineer of data science at 1mg, India’s largest online healthcare platform. Together they discussed 1mg’s data infrastructure, its response to the global pandemic and how data drives their product and their business.

Episode 1

August 12, 2020

with Alex Dovenmuehle

 – Head of Data Engineering, Mattermost

In this episode, Kostas Pardalis sits down with Alex Dovenmuehle, head of data engineering for Mattermost, an open-source self-hosted communication tool that optimizes dev workflows in highly secure environments.

Episode 0

July 31, 2020

Each week we’ll talk to data engineers, analysts, and data scientists about their experience around building and maintaining data infrastructure, delivering data and data products, and driving better outcomes across their businesses with data.