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Episode 56

October 25, 2021

with Jeff Chao

 – Software Engineer, Stripe

​​This week’s episode of The Data Stack Show features a conversation with Eric, Kostas, and Stripe software engineer Jeff Chao. Jeff has a background in stream processing, has worked at Salesforce, Heroku, and Netflix, and has been maintaining an open source project called Mantis.

Episode 54

September 22, 2021

with Neil Rahilly

 – VP of Product and Design, Mixpanel

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas are joined by Neil Rahilly, VP of product and design at Mixpanel. Rahilly has been with Mixpanel since 2012 when he started there as a software engineer. Their conversation dives into product analytics and takeaways from his time at Mixpanel.

Episode 53

September 15, 2021

with Bart Farrell

 – CNCF ambassador, and Kubernetes Community Leader for Data

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat have a conversation with Bart Farrell, a CNCF ambassador, and a community leader for Data on Kubernetes Community. Together they dive into the ins and outs of communities in tech and discuss what can make or break those groups.

Episode 51

September 1, 2021

with Tristan Zajonc

 – Cofounder and CEO, Continual

Joining Eric and Kostas this week on The Data Stack Show is Tristan Zajonc, the cofounder and CEO of Continual. Continual is offering early access to its operational AI layer for cloud data warehouses at