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Episode 49

August 18, 2021

with Ben Rogojan

 – Data Engineer, Facebook

Kicking off season three of The Data Stack Show, Kostas and Eric converse with Ben Rogojan, perhaps better known as Seattle Data Guy. In addition to being a data engineer at Facebook, Ben is also a consultant for a number of smaller organizations and shares his insights on some of the unique issues data engineers face at companies with such a vast difference in scale.

Episode 47

August 4, 2021

with Sven Balnojan

 – Product Owner (analytics), Mercateo Gruppe

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas are joined by Sven Balnojan, product owner (analytics) at Mercateo Gruppe and author of the recent article “How to Become The Next 30 Billion $$$ Data Company”. Their conversation focused on a comparison and contrast of Databricks and Snowflake and discussed what it takes for an open-source project to succeed when a whopping 98% of them fail.

Episode 49

July 28, 2021

with Arjun Narayan

 – Co-founder and CEO, Materialize

This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat with Arjun Narayan, co-founder and CEO at Materialize. Materialize is a streaming database for real-time applications and analytics that allows users to get extremely complicated and complex analytics answers in real-time on top of streams.

Episode 45

July 21, 2021

with Ophir Prusak

 – Head of Growth, Codesmith

On The Data Stack Show this week, Eric and Kostas are joined by Ophir Prusak, head of growth at startup Codesmith, a boot camp for software engineers. For nearly a decade, Ophir has been the initial marketing hire for a number of startups and has a variety of experience working with open source tools. He contributes his thoughts on the open source ecosystem and offers perspective on data attribution and the resulting conversations between engineers and marketing.